Pledge to Anyone Reading

I started writing a bunch of posts about video games I was playing back in 2011, primarily because 1) I think a lot of writing about the subject is terrible, and 2) it made the investment of time feel a little more like a constructive use of my free time. Now it seems like the news in general is overall pretty awful too.

Where am I going with this? Well, back in the early days I was a lot more concerned about whether anybody read this or not. Now I am actually embarrassed about having any posts with a top-5 or list of 10 things format. So, pledge #1 is no gimmicks. I don’t want to feel like I’m part of the problem. If nobody reads this, but I’m happy with it, I’ll be quite content.

I also had an epiphany after I attended a show in September of 2013 where comedian Dave Chappelle had what was publicly referred to as a “meltdown.” The morning after the show I was horrified to see nothing but a bunch of jaded opinions on news websites from a lot of people who didn’t actually seem to be at the show. I thought about my experiences for another day or so and got up early on Saturday after a pretty severe bout of insomnia. I think my post about that show was some of my best writing, and incidentally, it was the only thing that anybody else seemed to actually read. Anyways, I came to the conclusion I should probably just write about whatever I feel strongly about. I’ve been proud of the fact that I’ve avoided getting into arguments about politics on Facebook for the past decade, but now I feel like maybe I’m not that proud of being so disengaged.

So what is this exactly? It’s just a collection of my thoughts on a bunch of random topics. Above all else I hope you find it original.

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