This blog is for people who have the money to buy whatever games they want, but don’t necessarily have the time.  I work full-time (21st century full-time +) as a tax attorney and don’t have the time for something thrown together at the last minute.  For the past year, the list of games I’ve wanted to play seems to get longer and longer, which I think starts to make priorities more important.  Someday I’ll play them all I’ll say, but I know that will never happen.  And thank god too, because I know those game magazine reviews are pretty much trash.  I’m excited by the next generation of graphics, physics, and interactive experiences software makers are bringing to us today, but I’m also skeptical of polished up garbage.  I’ve seen too many broken promises over the years to let my guard down.  I hope to offer some decent analysis, or at least the basis for conversation, that can be used by other people who are pretty smart, busy, and interested in the occasional escape into a game that Mega Man and Mario seemed to offer.

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